• Isaiah Park (5th grade)

    In Exploding Evangelism, I have learned many things about evangelism and learned how to share the gospel well. I have learned about the gospel paths, heaven, sin, God, Christ, faith, and response. I have also learned trinity and how it works. I have learned about the two most important questions in EE, “Do you know for sure you will be with God in heaven someday?” and If God asked you, “Why should I let you into My Heaven?” We have watched many skits in the gymnasium and I have always learned one thing from the skit, and they were always fun to watch too. We have also written in our sena or QT books and also wrote in our passports. We have learned this all from the great EE teachers and also Pastor Jinah and Pastor Terah. I am very excited to start evangelising the word of God so they can have the joy of him too.

  • Emily Kim (6th grade)

    Before I started EE, I had pretty decent knowledge about God, salvation, and Jesus Christ. I attended DT 1 and DT 2 before starting EE, so I knew who God was. However, I still had doubts about if I was going to go to heaven, and if I was a real Christian. Couple weeks before I started EE, I was dreading it. Mainly because I had to memorize more verses. I also thought: Why do I have to do this? I already went through DT 1 and DT 2. I wasn’t as close to God then, and I didn’t pray nor read the bible as much as I do now. That was until I finished EE. When I went through 12 weeks of learning God and following what he instructed us to.

    After EE, I am now confident that I will be with God in Heaven someday. I’m also sure that Jesus died on the cross for my sin, and that he is offering the free gift of eternal life to us. I also learned many things. Such as the right way to share the gospel (Gospel Path), sin, heaven, and God’s word. Additionally, doing daily QT’s also helped me realize who I am and reflect on my sins. In fact, it helped me learn more about God and his word. Next, I learned about the gospel path. The one thing that stood out to me the most while memorizing the gospel path was the faith section, which talks about saving faith and just faith. Through EE, the teachers taught me that saving faith is not only knowing about God, and not temporary faith. Instead, saving faith is trusting in Jesus Christ ALONE for eternal life. Knowing this, I reflected on my one life and saw that I did not trust in Jesus alone. I still had idols I looked up to AND sometimes forgot about Jesus. So, going through EE helped me with realizing this. Moreover, memorizing the verses were totally worth it. The Bible taught me how we should act and how God is both loving and just. Finally after 12 weeks of training, I am now reading the Bible and praying regularly on a daily basis. With my mom, we read 3-4 chapters every day starting from Genesis and all the way to Revelation. Before meals, I pray to God for a good day and that I could get closer to him. I learned a lot of things during EE and I can’t wait to tell others the good news that I learned from EE.

    In the beginning, I had some knowledge about God. But after EE, my brain is exploding of what I learned about him. Going through EE was totally worth it, and I will remember everything that I was taught for the rest of my life.

  • Damin Kim (6th grade)

    Before I joined E.E I thought I knew who God is and considered myself as a Christian. But now I learned on what to do and actually know who God is and what he is like. I first hated to come to E.E because of all the memorizing and just being there, but it was only because I had the wrong mindset. After I changed my wrong mindset, I actually did enjoy my time in E.E. I listened to what the pastor was saying and took notes. Before I met God I felt like I could do everything by myself and fix my own problems. After I met God I feel more safe and always have someone to rely on and ask for help. In E.E I learned so many new things and ways I could share the gospel to others so they can be saved.